Our Team

Neil Thompson

Managing Director

A highly motivated, commercially focused and performance driven leader with vast experience and knowledge in developing and growing business within the renewable and low carbon energy markets. Prior to forming Mundus Energy Group Ltd he held senior roles for a number of UK energy companies in the Power, Utilities, Wind, Solar, District Energy, CHP, Biomass and Anaerobic Digestion markets.

Tim Hudson

Business Development Director

Tim has extensive experience in sales/client acquisition and growing businesses in the renewable energy markets through his ability to identify business opportunities, developing commercial models, proposals and developing projects through concept to build phases and into operations. Technologies: Solar, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion, District Energy, GSHP and Biomass markets.

John Walkden

Head of QHSE

John is a highly qualified and professional QHSE Manager with over 30 years’ experience in managing business risks for SME to corporate companies. John is a key member of our senior management team, responsible for quality systems/processes, accreditation's, compliance, training and ultimately managing risks across our engineering services, projects, operations & maintenance services.

Darren Priece

Head of Anaerobic Digestion

Darren is our expert in Anaerobic Digestion and has the necessary industry, process, bio energy, technical and operations knowledge to lead our AD operations. Darren's business unit is responsible for the safe and optimised operational management of our AD portfolio, CHP operations, site management, QHSE compliance, feed-stock management and asset management commitments. Darren's expertise further supports our combined heat & power, waste to energy and biomass portfolios.

Sarah Lyons

Head of HR

Sarah joined MEGL having worked for over 20 years within the retail, service and utility sectors. Sarah is a HR professional and responsible for leading our human resource, learning & development, recruitment and on-boarding processes. Sarah is a key member of our senior management team and whilst providing HR advice, guidance and support across all business units she supports at a strategic level in terms of compliance, legal, policies, development and growth.

Chris Mcvirto

Head of Wind

Chris has over 10 years experience within the wind energy sector and has worked for a number of the key players in both onshore and offshore environments. His experience and skills in managing multi clients, large multi-disciplinary teams, mobilisation of projects, site management, project delivery, QHSE management, operations & maintenance, major component replacement, service/inspection and repairs is key to our success in the wind sector.

John Thornton

Head of District Heating

John has over 15yrs experience in the project delivery of district heating and combined heat & power schemes. His expertise further accommodates setting up and developing operations & maintenance teams to serve these markets. John has vast knowledge and experience of asset management/asset optimisation and managing large asset portfolios across the UK. John plays an important role in the ongoing delivery of our total asset management solution.

Archie Devanney

Head of Solar

Archie is a senior member of our management team and has extensive experience in both domestic and commercial solar design, build, operate, maintain and system optimisation. He has vast knowledge and experience of operational delivery, QHSE management, commercial delivery, asset management/asset optimisation and managing large asset portfolios across the UK and Europe. Archie plays an important role in the ongoing delivery of our total asset management solution.